Intelligent Digitalization
of the Operational Flows

Performing without waste from order to delivery

Why ?


  • Shorter & robust repeatable lead time

  • Quick feedback to customers

  • Interactive responses to customer’s

Supply chain

  • Control of operational volume to agreed aligned capacity

  • Simplified and visual processes

  • Adaptation to market volume and mix

Production plants

  • Simplification of operational

  • Improved productivity

  • Maximization of capacity output

  • Shop floor digitalization

  • Visual, clear operational processes to the just needed, easy to understand

  • Conditions given to anyone in the enterprise to well fulfil his mission.

How ?

An intelligent system set according
to the specificities of your processes




What is ?

A visual interactive pull flow system.




A genba oriented tool adapted to the processes
to be controlled.

  • A customer oriented tool agile to your market

  • A process oriented tool assuring lowest leadtime

  • A capacity oriented tool assuring lowest cost.

  • A Total Quality oriented tool assuring best performances.

  • A logistics oriented tool assuring

    • the right item

    • at the right place

    • at the right time.

  • A people oriented tool assuring clear understanding to everyone involved


It may be composed of

  • Logistic box supporting order book

  • Synchronisation box for production and
    logistics processes

  • Dash Board to monitor the production rhythm
    (Takt Time)

  • Levelling box (Heijunka)

  • Piloting Rail (sequencing)

It manage the physical flows

  • with interactive Kanban

  • in direct connection to physical flows