Cabinet de conseil en management de la performance

Intelligent Digitalization
of the Operational Flows

Performing without waste
from order to delivery

An intelligent system set according to the specificities of your processes


  • The Essence of Value

  • Leading Operational
    Excellence expertise for 30 years

  • Pioneering and unique outstanding know how in flows management


  • Fit user’s needs

  • Automatic to the just needed

  • Provided with customized

  • Demand driven

  • Production oriented

  • Designed to assure performance


Why VIP2?

VIP2 How?

Depending on your context
pick up your own why!

  • Shorter & robust repeatable lead time

  • Quick feedback to customers

  • Interactive responses to customer’s requests

Supply chain
  • Control of operational volume to agreed aligned capacity

  • Simplified and visual processes

  • Adaptation to market volume and mix

Production plants
  • Simplification of operational

  • Improved productivity

  • Maximization of capacity output

  • Shop floor digitalization

  • Visual, clear operational processes to the just needed, easy to understand

  • Conditions given to anyone in the enterprise to well fulfil his mission.

What is VIP2?

A visual interactive pull flow system.


  • People perceive information 83%
    through their view


  • Easy understanding

  • User friendly

  • Universal solvent of variabilities

  • Fit customer need

    • In volume

    • In mix

    • On agility

  • Optimized utilization of resources

  • Full alignment between information and physical flows


A genba oriented tool adapted to the processes to be controlled.

  • A customer oriented tool agile to your market

  • A process oriented tool assuring lowest leadtime

  • A capacity oriented tool assuring lowest cost.

  • A Total Quality oriented tool assuring best performances.

  • A logistics oriented tool assuring

  • the right item
    at the right place
    at the right time.

  • A people oriented tool assuring clear understanding to everyone involved

  • It may be composed of

    • Logistic box supporting order book

    • Synchronisation box for production and
      logistics processes

    • Dash Board to monitor the production rhythm
      (Takt Time)

    • Levelling box (Heijunka)

    • Piloting Rail (sequencing)

  • It manage the physical flows

    • with interactive Kanban

    • in direct connection to physical flows